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More silly little murders! And he couldn't even bother to think of a way to be original! Booooriiiiing~ Careful there, foolish copycat killer! You're attracting the attention of those stronger than you, and I'd be quite surprised if the previous killer also hasn't noticed and become upset as well!

Private, but hackable if you're good, since Yukimura is still pretty new to the computer.Collapse )
It seems I've run terribly low on my resources and am almost completely depleted of what little I came with. This means I must find a source of income. The job that I feel my skills would be best suited for would be towards the defense of the city, however, I'm not really sure I can see how this benefits me, really. If I need to be defended, I can accomplish this myself quite easily. Call me callous, but I don't really see why complete strangers should benefit from my skills with a sword. Even if I'm paid for my services, being a mercenary is such a step down from where I used to stand...

Anybody know of any other things I might be able to do around here? I'd like to keep my options open &hearts
This certainly is a neat little way to keep in contact with everybody! It was a troublesome little device at first, but as you can see, I've managed to figure it out, at least enough to make entries here. There seem to be so many people around here! So, I figured this would be the most efficient way to introduce myself.

My name is Yukimura Sanada. Perhaps some of you have heard of me? ^.^ I'm not entirely sure why or how I got here, or even where "here" is! But it seems pleasant enough. Oooohh, this is so exciting~! I'm looking forward to meeting you all. Perhaps someone might even be courteous enough to show me a good place to get a few drinks &hearts